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Support for those affected by Rheumatoid Disease, Lupus and JIA

Through in depth information and connections with others who share your condition, Dragonclaw exists to help better manage your health and get the support you need to live to the fullest.

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In this section we will load new and useful Internet links which are complimentary to what we are trying to achieve.  In most cases these links are tools.  For example; what's in this particular drug I am supposed to take?  Clicking on to the particular topic or name below will take you to the chosen website and will necessitate you leaving the Dragon Claw


Who We Are

We are completely patient centric and controlled.  Clinicians, pharmaceutical companies or other external stakeholders do not manage us.  We care because most of us in Dragon claw have rheumatoid disease or lupus and we want to reduce stress and isolation and make a positive difference to the way health jurisdictions treat people with chronic disease.  We are all unpaid volunteers.

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The latest news and tips and tricks on living your with Rheumatoid Disease, Lupus and JIA


Exercise Tips

Thursday April 4th 2019

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