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Crippling RA is rampant amongst First Australians

On a recent visit to remote indigenous communities Dragon Claw saw that there was an urgent need to help local first Australian suffers of these diseases as many did not fully appreciate the importance of taking their medication on a regular basis.

Dragon Claw was determined to address this issue and decided to launch the world’s first educational pilot program to remote first nations peoples anywhere in the world specifically on RA.
This video gives you an insight into some of the issues associated RA and Lupus for First Australian and how these videos were developed.


RA and Lupus Amongst Australian Indigenous Populations

Wonderful Clinicians

As a clinician working with patients who have RA, JIA or lupus your service is critical and wonderful.  Patients really can not get along with their lives without medical attention.  Thank you from Dragon Claw.

Dragon Claw information and service runs in parallel with your clinician service.  You don't have to waste valueable clinical time explaining diet, exercise, mental health and other issues of living with the disease.  We do this for you!  So please refer your RA, lupus and JIA patients to the website.  It does not


Where Vitamin D Supplements Fail

Written By Michael Greger M.D. FACLM on April 16th, 2019,


Review articles continue to be published touting vitamin D as a veritable cure-all. The vitamin D receptor is found in most tissues in the body, including the brain, and upwards of 2,000 genes may be regulated by vitamin D. Within 24 hours of vitamin D exposure, we can change the expression of hundreds of genes.

The term vitamin is a misnomer, though, because vitamins by definition cannot be synthesized


Comment By the founder of Dragon Claw. A Personal View
Michael Gill

I am of the view that Prednisone, as a drug for people with RA, may be useful for the very short term but has very serious negative side effects from thinning skin, damaged eyes and organs to bone loss. I also contend that many doctors prescribe the drug up to 40 mg per day when the recommended dose is 20 mg. The drug is cheap to make so there is little incentive to make something safer.

In the Journal Rheumatic & Musculoskeletal Diseases of April 2019 there is an article about the early


Does emotional health impact pain in rheumatoid arthritis?

Quoted from Medivizor

In a nutshell

This study investigated if emotional health affects pain in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). They found that emotional health, along with physical state can have an effect on pain in RA. 

Some background

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a long-term condition. It leads to painful swelling and inflammation in the joints. As RA progresses, tissue in the joints will get damaged. This leads to persistent pain.



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Vitamin D and Calcium

The taking of prednisone over time encourages bone density