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Newsletter for January & February 2017

Focused Self-Help

Disconnection and Rebirth

Heard of the circle of life?  So it is with websites.  We will shut down the current website on 13 February.  Farewell to all the effort and emotion of our first venture but only to be reborn on 20 February.  The new site will be glamorous and much more detailed than the old site. 
Among many improvements you will see Literature Central containing simply written short update articles on research to the most relevant full scientific articles updated monthly. Carer Central will offer care-givers a way of looking at their role and plenty of hints and suggestions.  My Story will capture member’s personal stories about dealing with their disease from day one so that all members can learn and share.
Volunteers have built the entire site.  Ideas were collected and other sites reviewed.  Clearly our ambitions were greater than our technical ability but nevertheless, we are very pleased with the end product.  Hope you are too.

From 20 February please visit our new website and register as a new member.  You will be asked to specify a user name and password and to select a member category.  Basic membership is still free. Go on, visit the new site!

Rheumatologists and Augmented Reality

Dragon Claw in association with Princeton Digital, one of our partners, has launched a very clever application.  It is contained within a desk accessory.
Imagine a time poor rheumatologist sitting with a patient in their clinic going over the latest blood work.  Within the allocated 12.5 minutes there is not time to consider the wider issues that positively impact the patient’s quality of life.  Using our tool as an electronic assistant, the rheumatologist or the patient can swipe the smart phone over the Dragon Claw icon and be automatically provided with resources.

The user first needs to down load the tool from the Apple StoreTM or from Google Play©.

Once done, the smart phone presents the user with three choices:

  • visit to our website
  • a Dragon Claw video
  • and a 3-D rotatable illustration of bones, joints and circulation

We are very grateful to the huge support we have experienced from Princeton Health: - The following image details the cover of a desk based educational kit that also includes useful notes and clinical images to assist clinicians explain issues to their patients. On 21 March in the NSW Parliament building, Dr. Rachel David, Chief Executive of Private Healthcare Australian, will formally launch Dragon Claw. Other speakers including the Alastair McEwin, Disability Discrimination Commissioner and Mukesh Haikerwal, our wonderful patron will also be there. The event will commence at 6 PM and run for 90 minutes. Canapés will be served. If you’d like to attend contact Dragon Claw at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Social Media

Have you noticed our social media activity?  Please link up, ‘accept’ and be a member by visiting: LinkedIn and Facebook searching “DragonClaw” without spaces.  Dragon Claw Dr. Jeffrey Tobias from The Strategy Group kindly facilitated the three Dragon Claw Directors for half a day workshop.  The agenda related to aligning our business direction, understanding the risks and working together better.  Jeffrey did a wonderful job and was able to bring insightful observations and examples from his other consulting projects

 Our e-shop

As part of our website and a little after our launch we will complete the installation of our eshop.  All dragon claw members will be able to purchase T-Shirts with our logo and customized wristbands.  Other interesting things will be listed as we grow. shop pic

 Street Art

streetArt1 When you visit our site you will see examples of Street Art painted by a fellow member.

 Why the name

Rheumatoid Disease (RD) can be felt like an unpleasant animal moving around the body biting and scratching. Occasionally, the dragon rears up and breathes fire, which is felt as a flare, hence the name.


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